Friday, July 02, 2010

An English Parish Priest Discusses the Two Forms of the Roman Liturgy in His Parish

The following article, written by Fr. Gary Dickson, the parish priest of Sacred Heart and English Martyrs in Thornley, Co. Durham, appeared in The Catholic Herald: Why the Old Form Thrives in My Parish. He comments:

There are some who still resist solemnity in celebration; the use of Latin and the altar-facing priest. Yet these unintended losses in the New Form are not difficult to recover: if we can lose them overnight after centuries of use we can recover them after only decades of loss. Such recovery is not “going backwards”, or doing a U-turn, since the Ordinary Form will continue in use. Rather, it is a halting of the train to retrieve what has fallen from the carriage before our continuance. Many folk seem unable to grasp the distinction.

Do read the entire article which considers matters of relevance to the reform of the reform and the usus antiquior and particularly as they relate to parish life.

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