Thursday, March 16, 2006

Retreat with Fr. Fessio: The Spirit of the Liturgy (Detroit, Michigan)

[I just learnt of this excellent retreat today. Late registrations aren't guaranteed, but worth trying given how it is only a day past the deadline.]

The Spirit of the Liturgy
A Retreat Seminar with Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.

Come join Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J. on Saturday April 1 at Assumption Grotto, 13770 Gratiot in Detroit, MI for "THE SPIRIT OF THE LITURGY" RETREAT SEMINAR from 8AM TO 8PM at $65.00 per person.

In this Retreat Seminar, Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J. will be giving four conferences on Cardinal Ratzinger’s book "The Spirit of the Liturgy". Inspired by the Cardinal’s own thoughts and words, Fr. Fessio will provide a basic theological formation in the liturgy to assist Christ’s faithful to enter more deeply into the sacred mysteries of the Holy Mass. Fr. Fessio was a doctoral student of the now Pope Benedict XVI and is Provost of Ave Maria University and Founder of Ignatius Press.

To register or ask questions e-mail:

Registration Deadline March 15 (late registrations not guaranteed).

For more details: The Spirit of the Liturgy Retreat Seminar

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