Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog response and Blog check

I wanted to report to NLM bloggers and readers that this week particularly we've been getting a number of private emails encouraging this blog and its work. For those who have written in, I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Your words of encouragement show me just how needed and desired a forum like this is. A place to collect together valuable resources, information and otherwise, pertaining to the sacred liturgy.

After these initial months, I see the following goals which I'd like to fulfill on this blog:

1) more feature pieces, reviews, etc. on the Eastern Christian liturgical tradition, which includes their liturgies, chant, iconography, etc.(Kudos to Abbot Joseph of Holy Transfiguration Monastery who has graciously given us a number of pieces so far. Don't worry Abbot Joseph, I'm not going to try and squeeze too much out of you, I know how busy you are!)

2) I'm beginning to wonder if there shouldn't be some pieces pertaining to monastic life and spirituality, given how the cradle of monastic life seems to nourish the sacred liturgy. I'd appreciate any feedback you may have on this.

3) Finally, I believe it is important that we try to reach out to our fellow Catholics who are readers and writers in the blogging world. I believe we need an apologetic for the importance of liturgy. It should be conceived as the important topic that it is, and not as something merely of interest to "aesthetes" -- an all too common mindset I fear.

As always, your thoughts are most welcome.

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