Thursday, March 09, 2006

International Commission for the preparation of an English Language Lectionary

[From the Liturgy Office of England and Wales. Please note, while the NRSV is mentioned, they are saying it is the basis for a new edition, not the new edition itself. It will be curious to see how the inclusive language issue is addressed.]

The Holy See has granted the request of the Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Australia and agreed to the establishment of an International Commission (ICPEL) to prepare a fresh translation of the Lectionary for Mass. The Holy See has agreed that the NRSV translation should be used as the basis of the new edition. The NRSV translation will need a certain amount of adaptation so that it conforms to the expectations of the Church as presented in Liturgiam authenticam.

Bishop members will shortly be appointed to ICPEL by the sponsoring Conferences. Their first task will be to appoint an Executive Director and confirm how the work is to be carried out. The work of the Commission will be two fold, both to prepare a revised translation for the approval of Bishops’ Conferences, and to make proposals also concerning the layout of the new edition.

It is expected that at least the Sunday Lectionary will be produced in time to be published alongside the new English translation of the Missal.

Following the publication of the Lectionary an edition of the Bible using this same translation will be prepared for use in private reading of the Scriptures and for catechetical use.

Original link: Liturgy Newsletter February 2006

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