Friday, March 31, 2006

Italian rumours about the regularization of the Tridentine rite

[Rumour mill time again... let's hope and pray that these things come to pass in actuality, and not merely in rumoured anticipation!]

Our friends over at Rorate Caeli are reporting that at least one Italian source (Archivum Liturgicum) is stating that His Holiness yesterday signed the papal act granting/recognizing freedom for the classical Roman liturgy.

A very rough translation of the Italian states:

"According to authoritative sources, His Holiness Benedict Pp. XVI, happily reigning, yesterday signed the Decree with which grants freedom in the celebration of the Tridentine liturgy. The terms of these concessions are still not known, but it seems a prelude to the reconciliation with the members of the Society of Saint Pius X."

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