Monday, March 27, 2006


The CIEL (Centre Internationale d'Etudes Liturgiques) 2006 colloquium page has been updated with a list of speakers and the specific talks they will give. The lineup, as usual, looks fantastic.

(As some of you probably know, your host here at NLM is the delegate for CIEL in Canada. Please take a look at my CIEL Canada website for more information on CIEL and its mission.)

As for the Topics and Speakers, here they are:

Pope Benedict XVI and the Liturgy
Professor Eamon Duffy (Magdalene College, Cambridge)

The Development of the Roman Calendar
Professor Lauren Pristas (Caldwell College, New Jersey, USA)

Music proper to the Roman Liturgy
Professor László Dobszay (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

The Early Development of Christian Latin as a Liturgical Language
The Rev Dr Michael Lang (London Oratory/Heythrop College)

Sacrosanctum Concilium and the Organic Development of the Liturgy
The Rev Dr Alcuin Reid (London)

"Missa secundum romanos" :
Emigration and adaptation of the Roman Mass in the franco-roman world (VIII – XI cent.)
M. l’Abbé Frank Quoëx (Sorbonne and Geneva)

The Rite of Braga
The Rev Joseph Santos (Providence RI, USA)

The Genius of the Roman Liturgy: Theological Aspects
The Rev Professor Don Nicola Bux (Bari, Italy)

Liturgies of the Military Religious Orders
Dr Christina Dondi (Lincoln College, Oxford)

The Kiedricher Choral
Herr Rainer Hilkenbach (Kiedrich, Mainz, Germany)

Roman Liturgy and Popular Piety
Dr Sheridan Gilley (Durham University)

The Mystical Interpretation of the Sacred Liturgy
M. l’Abbé Claude Barthe (Centre St Paul, Paris)

Theological Perspectives on the Traditional Liturgy
The Rev Dr. Laurence Hemming (Heythrop College, London)

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