Friday, January 06, 2006

Into Great Silence

Another story came out today about this unique film. While I haven't seen it, and I do hope to, it looks quite promising. Perhaps this film will capture the principle of living a liturgical life. If I get a chance to actually see the film, I will write up a review for you.

It is titled, Into Great Silence and is a 3 hour documentary film, filmed in La Grand Chartreuse, the great monastery of the Carthusian Order. The Carthusian's of course live a life of monastic silence and solitude.

(Copyright Philip Gröning)

Here is the description from the website:

"The Grande Chartreuse, the mother house of the legendary Carthusian Order, is based in the French Alps. “Into Great Silence” will be the first film ever about life inside the Grande Chartreuse.

"Silence. Repitition. Rhythm. The film is an austere, next to silent meditation on monastic life in a very pure form. No music except the chants in the monastery, no interviews, no commentaries, no extra material.

"Changing of time, seasons, and the ever repeated elements of the day, of the prayer. A film to become a monastery, rather than depict one. A film about awareness, absolute presence, and the life of men who devoted their lifetimes to god in the purest form. Contemplation."

A trailer is available off the website as well. Check it out.

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