Friday, December 30, 2005

Pope relays more thoughts on Sacred Music

[We've seen a number of statements coming from Rome lately on the importance of sacred music, and even specifically on the role of Gregorian chant. The wave of the future and the here and now certainly seems to be directed to this particular aspect of the liturgy.]

Vatican, Dec. 30 ( - Pope Benedict XVI stressed the importance of liturgical music, saying that "sacred music is a ministerial function in the divine service," as he met on December 30 with young choir members.

The Holy Father spoke to about 4,500 members of Pueri Cantores, representing more than 90 youth choirs from all around the world, who were attending an international gathering in Rome. Addressing them in French, the Pope said that Vatican II had emphasized "how greatly the Church appreciates the role of those who, with their singing, contribute to the beauty of the liturgy."

Founded in 1965 to encourage choirs composed of schoolchildren, Pueri Cantores brought together large groups of young people from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, and the United States for its 33 international congress. Other sizeable delegations came from countries as diverse as Gabon, Congo, Spain, Poland, Estonia, and Russia.

When he arrived in the Paul VI auditorium to address the group, Pope Benedict was greeted with the song, Tu es Petrus ("You Are Peter"). He praised the group for its "service of the liturgy, giving the entire world a message of peace and brotherhood."

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