Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Architectural renovations in the name of Vatican II

[This particular topic is related quite closely to the story re: Vatican II. This story pertains to one reported on this weblog earlier, regarding a proposed renovation of an Irish Cathedral designed by one of the Pugin family -- which is, consequently, of historical and ecclesiastical importance. The proposed renovation drawings are included, and while one can see they aren't the worst renovation plans (excepting the way the cathedra and presider's chair are handled in the drawing), nonetheless, the question arises as to why this is deemed truly necessary? Further, ought not the historical importance be a significant factor to tip the scales against even any renovation plan, even if it be decent, if it would harm architectural features that make the building important and a cultural and ecclesiastical treasure?

Alternatively, a rather poorly done renovation is shown in this same article of another cathedral, that of St. MacCartan's. One can clearly see in this what the article writer means when he says the church now lacks focus. In addition, the symbolism and iconography of a gothic church is lost in this type of renovation, and the absence of its central feature in the form of a central altar with a reredos (even if this be the "altar of reservation" in a somewhat modified form) is a noticeable lacking.]


Destruction of Cobh's Cathedral should not be allowed go ahead

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