Friday, December 16, 2005

Classical Roman Young Adults

This past summer many of us had the wonderful opportunity to follow the Juventutem group go and bring the classical Roman liturgy to World Youth Day.

Thinking about the growth of the classical liturgy, and particularly the attraction of post-conciliar Catholic youth to it, I had been thinking that it would be both a great and important venture for this initiative to continue, and to potentially expand as a kind of young adults group, both international and local. Such groups, under the banner of an international Juventutem organization could be for those attracted to or even just interested in traditional Catholic liturgy and catechesis. This could be something oriented not only to the classical Roman liturgy, but also to the reform of the reform (what better way to seed cooperation between these fraternal initiatives?)

Such a venture need not have the presence of an indult, or a reform of the reform parish -- but it certainly could serve as a catalyst to this.

I'm not certain if anyone from Juventutem is reading this, but has there been any thought to expanding the Juventutem initiative into an ongoing, localized Catholic young adults initiative, focused on creating young adults passionate about the sacred liturgy, and passionate apologists for the Catholic Faith?

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