Saturday, December 03, 2005

For the readers & collectors amongst us

[As you guys can gather, I'm trying to build up this book section. Between my friend and myself, we've acquired so much liturgical stuff that its time to sell some of it. It serves as an apostolate of sorts. Here's some more books I've listed today, most of these are $20 and under. There are some scarce books here as well.]

- Sacred Music and the Catholic Church
- History and Growth of Church Music
- Liber Gradualis (Vatican Edition)
- The History of the Mass and its Ceremonies in the Eastern and Western Church
- Handbook for Altar Societies & Guide for Sacristans and others have Charge of the Altar and Sanctuary
- Handbook of Ceremonies for Priests and Seminarians
- The Sacred Ceremonies of the Low Mass
- Epistles & Gospels (Vernacular readings for Tridentine Mass)
- Collectio Rituum
- The Sacrifice of Praise: Introduction to the Meaning and Use of the Divine Office
- Holy Week Manual for Priests
- Preces Ante et Post Missam
- Sanctuary Manual (transitional: 1965)
- Handbook for the New Rubrics
- The Shape of the Liturgy (Dom Gregory Dix)
- St. Andrew Bible Missal
- Public Worship (Josef Jungmann)
- The Splendour of the Liturgy (Maurice Zundel)
- The Spirituality of the Mass in the Light of Thomistic Theology
- Key to the Missal
- The Treasure of the Liturgy (Maas)
- The Holy Mass: Notes on the Liturgy
- Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours (single volume ed.)
- Liturgy and Contemplation (Jacques and Raissa Maritain)
- Sung Vespers (traditional vespers in English trans.)
- Meditations before Mass (Romano Guardini)
- The Catholic Missal
- Church Life in England in the Thirteenth Century

Lots more on the way!

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