Friday, August 12, 2005

Vestment design

I was at the local Seminary recently and was going through the various journals. One of those journals was not one I expected a great deal from, the Environment & Art Newsletter. Flipping through the journal, I came across a beautiful picture of a vestment set, the kind of thing you'd expect was perhaps a Pugin designed set of vestments.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this vestment set was actually commissioned by the Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, for the occasion of his installation in that archdiocese and for other solemn liturgies, such as Easter and Christmas.

What was wonderful was not only to see such beautiful vestments being designed today, but also the care put into their symbolism, and also the comments that brocades are not inappropriate to vestments -- an idea that seems to float around out there these past decades.

As I say, I was pleasantly surprised at the tone of the whole article which was quite in favour of this return. More signs that beauty again is on the uprise and return to more classical forms may well be on its way.

Take note in the picture as well that the good archbishop is actually wearing the full compliment of pontifical vestments for such solemnities, which includes a dalmatic underneath.

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