Thursday, April 04, 2024

Video of Medieval Vespers of Easter in Paris

As I described in an article two years ago, Vespers of Easter Sunday and the days within the octave was celebrated in the Middle Ages according to a special form used only in that period. There were many variations to the ceremony; my article was based on the Use of Sarum, simply because the rubrics of Sarum liturgical books are more thorough than those of most other medieval Uses. When the See of Paris passed over from its Neo-Gallican Use to the Roman books in 1871, a special indult was granted to continue the celebration of Vespers in this form, and this is still done at the church of St Eugène. Here is the video of the full ceremony celebrated two days ago, from the YouTube channel of our dear friends of the Schola Sainte-Cécile; you can follow along in this pdf booklet in Latin and French:

UPDATE: I am bumping this post forward, since we have now received some pictures of the ceremony from the Schola - merci, chers amis!

The cantors wear appareled albs of a type typical in the Middle Ages. 
Incensation of the celebrant
The station at the Lady Altar.

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