Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Chapel of Thomas Aquinas College’s New England Campus

Beginning with the fall semester of 2019, Thomas Aquinas College has been operating a second campus in Northfield, Massachusetts. The property was built for a Protestant school originally known as the Northfield Seminary for Young Ladies, which later became the Northfield Mt Hermon School, and now operates on a different campus. The campus includes a beautiful chapel in the collegiate Gothic style, which was rededicated as a Catholic chapel named for Our Lady of Perpetual Help when TAC took over. A friend of Peter (who is an alumnus of the California campus) recently visited, and very kindly shared these pictures with us. Most of the decorations have been added within the last three years, and I’d say the place has Catholicked up very nicely!

A statue of the college’s patron...
and of St John Henry Newman, a particularly appropriate choice for any Catholic college. 

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