Thursday, July 07, 2022

Roundup of Articles on Desiderio Desideravi

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the promulgation of Summorum Pontificum. Perhaps there are some for whom the memory of Pope Benedict XVI’s pastoral goodness and love for the Church’s liturgical tradition has become rather bittersweet, given the developments of the past year. And indeed, another anniversary, a most baleful one, looms very close. I urge all our readers who feel this way to read our colleague Matthew Hazell’s piece published on Rorate Caeli on the same day as the recent Apostolic letter on the liturgy, subtitled, “An Admission of Failure.” I have placed it first on this roundup not just as an act of in-house nepotism, but as a useful reminder that Traditionis Custodes, the supposed dubia, and certain assertions in that letter are above all an admission that the post-Conciliar reform (and of course, this means far more than just the liturgical reform) has failed, and borne none of the fruits that Sacrosanctum Concilium looked for in its first paragraph. This is why its partisans now do by force what they cannot do by persuasion, and their failure to persuade is made painfully evident by the letter itself. I doubt there will be any need for a second such round-up, but if we have missed anything of significance here, please let us know in the combox. (My thanks to Peter who did almost all the work of collecting these.)

Matthew Hazell, “Apostolic Letter Desiderio desideravi: An Admission of Failure”, Rorate Caeli, June 29

Fr Hugh Somerville-Knapman, OSB, “The unintended consequences of Desiderio desideravi”, Catholic Herald, June 30

Gregory DiPippo, “We Don’t Need No Re-Education”, NLM, June 30

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, “Francis’ NEW ‘Desiderio desideravi’ an Apostolic Letter ‘on the liturgical formation of the people of God’ – an attempt to explain Traditionis custodes, to calm the storm” Fr. Z’s Blog, June 29
“Look at more of ‘Desiderio desideravi’ ”, June 30
“Look at even more of ‘Desiderio desideravi’ ”, July 5

Luisella Scrosati, “The Motu Proprio cut off the head of Benedict’s line, and Desiderio buries its corpse”, Rorate Caeli, June 30

Christopher R. Altieri, “Pelosi’s reception of Holy Communion upstages the Holy Father’s liturgical reflections”, Catholic World Report, June 29

Peter Kwasniewski, “Daringly Balanced on One Point: The New Papal Letter on Liturgy” ~ OnePeterFive, June 29, 2022

Phil Lawler, “The Pope’s liturgical non sequitur”, Catholic Culture, June 29, 2022

Joseph Shaw, “Pope Francis’ Liturgical Longing”, OnePeterFive, July 5

Anonymous, “The Old Liturgy and the New Despisers of the Council” Rorate Caeli, July 5

Peter Kwasniewski, “Further thoughts on ‘inculturation’: Why ignore the liturgy that sustained the evangelization of the entire globe?”, Rorate Caeli, July 5

Peter Kwasniewski, “Pope presides over Zairean rite ‘marked by drum music, dancing, shouts of jubilation’ — and the Traditional Latin Mass is to be abolished?”, Rorate Caeli, July 4

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, “‘Desiderio Desideravi’: Initial Impressions of Pope Francis’ New Document on the Mass”, National Catholic Register, June 29

Clare Johnson, “Why the whole Church should embrace Desiderio Desideravi”, The Catholic Weekly, July 1

Anthony Esolen, “The Lost Symbolism of the Liturgy”, Crisis Magazine

Michael Charlier, “The amorphous ‘Roman rite’ and the authentic Roman Rite”, Rorate Caeli, July 6

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