Thursday, July 07, 2022

Corpus Christi 2022 Photopost (Part 3)

We continue with more photographs of your Corpus Christi liturgies, and still haven’t finished! There will be another post in this series, so as always, we will be very happy to include more photos of other major feasts celebrated recently, as here we begin with a solemn Mass of St Peter and Paul. Once again, thanks to everyone who sent these in, keeping up the good work of evangelizing through beauty. 

Cathedral Basilica of Ss Peter and Paul – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mass of the basilica’s patronal feast; photos courtesy of Allison Girone
In the background of this picture, we see the tomb of St Katherine Drexel, a native of Philadelphia.
Yes, of course tradition will always be for the young.
Church of Ss Peter and Paul – Singapore
St Mary’s Oratory – Wausau, Wisconsin (ICRSP)
Cathedral of Nossa Senhora do Pilar – São João del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil
St Stephen’s Church – Kearney, New Jersey
Very nice floral carpets!
Our Lady of Lourdes – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Procession to the St Pius X Newman Center on the campus of the Univ. of Pittsburgh, a two mile long route, with two altars along the way.

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