Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Please Pray for Fr Hunwicke

I just noticed the following on Fr Z’s blog: “Father Hunwicke has been told that his suspicious heart requires a ‘procedure’, which is due to happen this Wednesday. He would be grateful for everybody’s prayers. Because he has been in hospital for the last eight days, he has been unable to read Comments, or to moderate them. But a new post, he trusts, is still popping up on his blog daily, because he has drafted quite a number in advance. I am told that Father H is in good spirits.” Fr Z adds this prayer from the Mass for the Sick:

Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, salus aeterna credentium: exaudi nos pro famulo tuo, pro quo misericordiae tuae imploramus auxilium; ut, reddita sibi sanitate, gratiarum tibi in Ecclesia tua referat actiones. Per Dominum...
Almighty ever-lasting God, eternal salvation of believers: graciously hear us as we beg the help of Thy mercy for your ailing servant; so that, once health has been restored to him, he may give Thee thanks in Thy Church. Through Our Lord...

As I am sure all our readers already know, Fr Hunwicke is a superb and superbly erudite writer, always worth reading no matter the topic of the day. In the liturgical field, he has done yeoman’s work in exposing some of the common falsehoods that have long plagued the field of liturgical scholarship. To name just a few of the topics he has tackled ad rem: the misuse of the legacy of St Pius V’s liturgical reform; the proper understanding of the diaconal ministry; on the reform of the Canon: on the false premises of modern Biblical scholarship. May the Lord preserve him in this service for many years to come!

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