Sunday, May 01, 2022

Good Shepherd Sunday 2022

The earth is full of the mercy of the Lord, alleluia; by the word of God were the heavens established, alleluia, alleluia. Ps. 32 Rejoice in the Lord, O ye just: praise becometh the upright. Glory be... The earth is full... (The Introit of Good Shepherd Sunday.)

Christ the Good Shepherd, by Lorenz Luidl (1645-1719), now in the Maximilianmuseum in Augsburg, Germany; image from Wikimedia Commons by Museumsfotograf, CC BY-SA 4.0
Misericordia Domini plena est terra, alleluia, verbo Domini caeli firmati sunt, alleluia, alleluia. Ps. 32 Exsultate, justi, in Domino, rectos decet collaudatio. Gloria Patri... Misericordia... (This is one of the places where there is a difference between the printed text of the Missal, which reads “verbo Domini”, and the Liber Usualis, which reads “verbo Dei.”)

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