Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Holy Thursday 2022 Photopost (Part 2)

I realized today that it has been almost two weeks since the last post in this series; this has proved to be a very busy period, but I would like to apologize to all our contributors for the long delay. This also happened last year, and the final Easter photopost was put on the vigil of the Ascension; I will do my best to be more diligent in the next several days, and finish in a more timely fashion this year! This post has some particularly interesting things: a floral carpet for the Sacrament procession, a Chrism Mass in the traditional rite, and several Byzantine churches in Sicily. As always, thank you to everyone who sent in these beautiful pictures.

Hacienda La Providencia – Guadalajara, Mexico (FSSP)
The stripping of the altar.
St Mary’s Oratory – Wausau, Wisconsin (ICRSP)
The stripping of the altar.
The Mandatum
Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima – Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pontifical Chrism Mass, celebrated by His Excellency Dom Fernando Arêas Rifan of the Personal Apostolic Administration São João Maria Vianney.
Cathedral Basilica of Nossa Senhora do Pilar – São João del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil
An old-fashioned crepitaculum.
The Mandatum
various Byzantine Rite churches in Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily
Sacred Heart of Jesus – Laranjeiras, Serjipe, Brazil
Church of St Mary – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (FSSP)
Photos courtesy of Allison Girone, starting with a picture that could almost be a still-life from the Dutch Golden Age - very nice work, as always!
The stripping of the altar
St Benedict the Martyr – Hortolândia, São Paulo, Brazil

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