Sunday, January 30, 2022

“If Synodality Can’t Get Young People Interested in the Church, Then What Can?”

It would be perfectly reasonable for you to assume that that questioning headline comes from Eccles or the Babylon Bee, and yet, somehow, you would be wrong in that assumption. It actually comes from an article on Commonweal (which is still, somehow, a thing), and was, somehow, chosen as a good way to highlight the article by whoever manages their Twitter account.

It turns out, to the author’s disconcert (and the surprise of no one who has ever actually met a young person) that students at Catholic universities are more interested in, um, studying and enjoying life, rather than having meetings about meetings about meetings, preparatory to having meetings about meetings, so that their bishops can get together and have a meeting. Shocking, I know...

So, you ask, what DOES keep young people interested in the practice of the Faith? No idea...

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