Friday, July 16, 2021

Two Small Updates About Social Media

Well, perhaps not surprisingly, it’s been a busy day thusfar, and I haven’t really had time to gather my thoughts and write anything more about today’s appalling news. Rest assured, plenty more will be said in the near future, but in the meantime, here are two small items of interest.

1. Shawn Tribe has changed the name of the Facebook group which he set up a few weeks ago to “Defense of the Immemorial Roman Rite: Traditionis Custodes v. Summorum Pontificum.” We have already welcomed dozens of new members today; please consider joining.

2. Likewise, another Facebook group has just been established called “Living Rosary for Tradition.” Please consider joining this as well, or at least, making some prayer for these intentions a regular part of your prayer life. Those who are not on Facebook can request to join at the following email address:
- On the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 2021, the Holy Father, Pope Francis issued the motu proprio “TRADITIONIS CUSTODES”, severely restricting the use of our beloved traditional form of the Mass and the Sacraments, known as “The Extraordinary Form.”
This has left many of us who love the traditional forms feeling angry, hurt, and abandoned by our shepherd; perhaps this is in danger of leading us into sin.
As ever, the best answer to all of this is prayer. Prayer for ourselves, prayer for the Church, and prayer for the Holy Father.
To that end, please join us in praying a Living Rosary: a decade each day, praying the traditional fifteen mysteries of the rosary.
1) Send us a private message, asking to join the Living Rosary for Tradition.
2) we will assign you a particular decade of the rosary to pray each day.
3) Pray the decade for the following intentions:
i) For our own sanctification, and the graces necessary to face the current crisis in the Church, particularly the grace of perseverance.
ii) For our Holy Father.
iii) For the restoration of the traditional forms of the Roman Rite.
4) Spread the word
So as many of us as possible can storm heaven for these intentions.

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