Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hand-painted Paschal Candles Available for Order from Denver Artist

Laura O’Connor is a traditional Catholic artist who sells hand-painted religious artwork, devotional items, cards, and gifts at her Etsy shop. She is best known for her beautiful Paschal Candles, which she initially began selling in the Denver area by word of mouth, and now ships to other places.

Each order is painted with quality acrylics on a plain 51% beeswax candle purchased from a major candle manufacturer. Laura can paint any size candle that her suppliers manufacture, and all common sizes are listed with their respective pricing at her shop. Presently, she has four standard designs available, but is also able to an original custom design if desired. The standard designs do offer opportunities for minor customisations such as choice of scene when applicable, and parish, religious order, or diocesan coats of arms or symbols.

As it takes time to hand-paint each order, Laura’s Paschal Candles are available from July through November 15 of this year; she will not be offering them in the Spring season.

Laura may be contacted through her Etsy shop but also by her email:

Design 1: The Glorious Paschal Candle
Detail of the same
Design 2: Lamb of God Paschal Candle
Detail of same
Design 3 (the simplest): Alleluia Paschal Candle
Design 4: Medieval Vines Paschal Candle
Detail of same
The artist at work

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