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Continuing the List of Articles on Traditionis Custodes

It seemed to Gregory and me that it would be a good idea to start a new list here, instead of making the earlier omnium gatherum even longer than it already is.

The amount of powerful and perceptive writing, usually highly critical, elicited by the Pope’s decision last week has been a heartening sign of the long-term effects of the pontificate of Benedict XVI on the life of the Church. There is no doubt that Summorum Pontificum produced not only the fruit of a much-increased use of the older liturgical books, but also a widespread desire for liturgical peace on an almost “free-market” model. I’m not saying that happened everywhere; we know that implementation has been terribly uneven. But the proponents of the shutdown of the usus antiquior greatly underestimated the extent to which it had already become a normal and even integral feature of the ecclesiastical landscape in many places.

The most common observation in recent days has been that many bishops seem to be choosing to avoid polarizing and embittering their flocks by a rigorous application of the motu proprio. Most have granted temporary authorization for priests to continue saying the Roman Rite, and it might happen that this temporary period extends into a future where the temporary dispositions become permanent.

I am not so sanguine that I expect there to be no trouble or strife in various places, and we have many bridges to cross before anyone can say the enormous threat posed by Traditionis Custodes has been overcome. We have, for example, the religious communities and societies of priestly life to worry about: there are those who will certainly want to FFI or Mariawald them. Hopefully, the authorities will will have noticed the global two thumbs down, and, one hopes, will take their steps more cautiously.

July 18

Juan Manuel de Prada, “The Hat and the Head” (ABC)

Anonymous, “Sermon preached at Notre Dame Benedictine Priory, Tasmanian” (Facebook post

July 21

Robert George, “Francis could do what he did, but that’s not the crucial thing” (Catholic Herald) [It seems the author is not keeping up with articles in which theologically literate Catholics explain why they do not acknowledge the Pope’s right to do what he has done; cf. Cardinal Burke below.]

Dear Holy Father, dear Bishops: A plea from young traditional Catholics worldwide (YouTube)

Michael Haynes, “Traditional orders react to Traditionis Custodes: Bishops are now the ‘jailers’ of the Latin Mass”(LifeSite News)

Rachel Lu, “Many Catholics who felt lost after Vatican II found comfort in the Latin Mass. Now, they are hurting again” (America) [A poignant testimony]

Stefano Fontana, “The Old Mass is Good for Catholic Social Teaching” (La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana; English at Rorate Caeli)

Anne Hendershott, “Ignoring Papal Mandates” (Crisis Magazine)

Janet E. Smith, “Let’s Study the Impact of the Traditional Latin Mass” (National Catholic Register)

July 22

Some Notes on the Application of Traditiones Custodes in light of Canon Law from the Latin Mass Society” [Announced by Dr. Joseph Shaw here, this extremely helpful and carefully thought-out guide will equip bishops and their presbyterate to utilize the opportunities provided by the motu proprio to pursue liturgical peace in their dioceses. A good summary is found in Edward Pentin, “Latin Mass Society: Traditionis Custodes Regulates Not Abrogrates Older Liturgy,” National Catholic Register.]

Joseph Shaw, “What are they saying about us? A fisk of Fr Thomas Reese on Traditionis Custodes (Rorate Coeli) [Like watching a boxing match between very unequal partners. I won’t tell you who wins but I’m sure you can guess.]

Tim Stanley, “Pope Francis is losing his culture war” (The Spectator)

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, “Statement on the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes" (Rorate Caeli)

Massimo Viglione, “‘They will throw you out of the synagogues’ (Jn 16:2). The hermeneutic of Cain’s envy against Abel” (LifeSite News)

David Deavel, “Pope Francis and the Latin Mass: A Mistake?” (The Imaginative Conservative) [A good introduction to all that is wrong with the documents.]

Robert P. Greving, “Traditionis Custodes: A Blessing in Disguise?” (Crisis Magazine)

Fr John Hunwicke, “The Pugin Pontificate” (Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment)

Joseph Shaw, “Does Traditionis Custodes contradict the documents of Vatican II?” (LifeSite News)

Michael Haynes, “List of bishops already suppressing or tentatively supporting Latin Mass after Pope’s new document” (LifeSite News) [This is enormously helpful: a frequently updated list of all known episcopal reactions, together with addresses to which letters may be sent.]

Karen Darantière, “Traditionis Custodes: Guardians of tradition or betrayers of tradition?” (LifeSite News)

Last night’s Papal Posse on EWTN - absolutely superb commentary (as always) from Raymond Arroyo, Fr Gerald Murray and Robert Royal.
July 23

Edward Pentin, “Cardinal Kasper Responds to Pope Francis’ New Motu Proprio on the Mass” (National Catholic Register)

In Spanish

Peter Kwasniewski, Traditionis custodes: la nueva bomba atómica” (Adelante la Fe) [July 18]

Idem, “En medio de la crisis, déjense guiar por la fe, no por el miedo” (Adelante la Fe) [July 22]

Idem, «Este motu propio es la peor decisión de un papa en la historia». Por Gerhard Eger Domenichini (El Correo de España)

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