Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Two Lectures by Fr David Anderson on How the Liturgy Sanctifies Time

Father David Anderson, a highly respected writer and speaker on the liturgy, is giving two lectures which will be live-streamed and so available to all for the excellent Institute of Catholic Culture.

His lecture covers the traditional cycles of prayer which have provided the foundation of the sanctification of time, drawing on both Holy Scripture and the traditions of liturgical prayer of the Church, East, and West.
The talks will take place on consecutive Tuesdays, April 27 & May 4, with a pre-class discussion at 7:30 pm EDT, and the lecture itself beginning at 8:00 pm EDT.
To attend you must register in advance via the ICC online portal
Father David Anderson is a priest of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Chicago, and has served as a parish priest for 37 years after studying liturgical theology with Fr Alexander Schmemann. He is also a published translator of Patristic works and Byzantine liturgical texts. For over 40 years, he has presented many classes on liturgy and the Church Fathers throughout the country, but especially in northern California. He is presently the Byzantine Rite Chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College.

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