Friday, April 23, 2021

Catch Up with the Latest Episodes of Square Notes Season 3

quare Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast is back after a winter hiatus, and we’ve got some great episodes available for you in season 3. Episode 7, “Modality in Gregorian Chant” with Dr. William Mahrt, offers tools for analyzing Gregorian chant, especially with a mind to unlocking the meaning of the text as it is set in the music.

In episode 8, an interview with Dr Francis Brancaleone, we look at a model institution for sacred music education, the Pius X School of Liturgical Music at Manhattanville College.
The brilliant Renaissance scholar Dr Kerry McCarthy offers us a view of Reformation-era liturgical changes in England through the lens of the composer Thomas Tallis in episode 9.

Russophiles will enjoy episode 10’s discussion, with Dr. Richard Fountain, of Russian bell ringing and chant, and their impact on the compositions of Sergei Rachmaninoff.

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