Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Traditional Mass Returns to Jamaica

We are happy to share this news from the Latin Mass Society of Jamaica, courtesy of Fr Michael Palud, Provost of the Oratory at Port Antonio. “On Saturday, September 12th, the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, the Latin Mass Community in Jamaica had its official launch with the first official public TLM held since the Ordinary Form of the Mass became the norm in 1969. The event was organised by the Latin Mass Society of Jamaica; some 25 people were present from different parishes in the Archdiocese. The Latin Mass Society wishes to let people know that a TLM will be celebrated every 1st Sunday in Port Antonio at 3:30 p.m. All are welcome to experience this ancient and ever new rite of the mass in the Extraordinary Form.”

The Archbishop of Kingston, Kenneth Richards, in his decree entrusting the apostolate for the traditional Mass to the Oratory, writes, “I also encourage Seminarians and Priests to at least be cognizant of the Old Rite. Indeed, knowledge of our Liturgical History is important. A knowledge of the Old mass can inform and help us foster dignified celebration ofthe Mass in its Ordinary Form. It is my hope that this new pastoral service might contribute to growth in holiness of our Laity and a renewed awareness of the beauty of the Catholic Liturgy in both its Ordinary and Extraordinary Form.” Many thanks to His Excellency for his pastoral solicitude for the faithful of his diocese who are attached to the traditional Rite!

Here are a few pictures of last Saturday’s Mass.

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