Friday, September 25, 2020

Relics of St Padre Pio (Part 2)

Following up on a post from two days ago, here are pictures of some more relics of St Padre Pio, this time from the town where he was born, Pietrelcina. After his priestly ordination in 1910, due to his poor health, he lived here with his family until 1916, when he was transferred to San Giovanni Rotondo. His family lived in a collection of rooms which his family were not all directly attached to each other as part of the same house; his own room was in this building, across the very narrow street from those of his parents.
The room where he prayed and slept in this earliest phase of his life as a priest.
The baptismal font of the little church dedicated to St Anne, in which he was baptized, and later often served Mass.
From the museum at the nearby church of the Holy Family: like all good sons of St Francis, Padre Pio understood very well that the poverty of religious is not practiced by improverishing the house of God or  the worship of God, and so of course, he did not hesitate to wear the proper liturgical vestments.  
A cloth which he used to wipe the blood from the Stigmata on his feet.
A Missal for the faithful with the proper Saints of the Capuchin Order.
One of his habits.
Another habit, (not actually blue, but distorted by my camera.)
A piece of a wooden altar on which Padre Pio often celebrated Mass.
Several of the gloves which he used over the years to cover the Stigmata.
Wood from the elm tree at Piana Romana under which Padre Pio was sitting when he first received the Stigmata invisibly on Sept. 7, 1910.
Pieces of the tomb in which P. Pio was originally laid, until his relics were exhumed on March 2, 2008.
Various items for saying Mass.

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