Saturday, May 09, 2020

Book Donations for a Tanzanian Priest Studying Liturgy

Are you looking for an act of charity within your reach during this difficult time? Perhaps here’s one.

Do you have books you could donate to a Tanzanian priest studying liturgy in Spain? He’s limited on finances, and his eye problems prevent him from being able to spend a lot of time with online resources.

He is looking for books about the liturgical movement of the 20th century and has a particular interest in Dom Lambert Beauduin and other classics of the movement. He has need of a GIRM (in English), books about liturgical spirituality, theological underpinnings of the liturgical movement, liturgical signs, semiotics, etc.

Some specific authorial requests he has:
  • Romano Guardini 
  • Odo Casel
  • Ferdinand de Saussure 
  • Cipriano Vagaggini 
  • Dom Ildefonso Schuster
  • Any writers clearly influenced by Guardini
Please message me using the email on the sidebar if you have these books and would be willing to send them to him in Spain, or if you'd like to buy them for him online and have them shipped to him.

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