Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Feast of the Annunciation 2017

This is the day which the Lord hath made; today the Lord hath looked upon the affliction of His people, and sent a Redeemer. Today a woman hath put to flight the death which a woman brought in; today, God become man remained what He was, and took on what He was not. Therefore let us devoutly consider the beginning of our redemption, and rejoice, saying, “ Glory to Thee, o Lord.” (The Antiphon of the Magnificat at Second Vespers of the Annunciation, according to the Dominican Use.)

The Annunciation, by Andrea Cavalcanti; from the pulpit of the church of Santa Maria Novella, the principal Dominican Church of  the city of Florence, 1445. (Image from Wikimedia commons by Sailko.)
Aña Haec est dies quam fecit Dominus: hodie Dominus afflictionem populi sui respexit, et redemptionem misit. Hodie mortem quam femina intulit, femina fugavit; hodie Deus homo factus, id quod fuit permansit, et quod non erat assumpsit. Ergo exordium nostrae redemptionis devote recolamus, et exsultemus dicentes: Gloria tibi Domine.

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