Saturday, March 18, 2017

Solemn Mass for St Patrick in Dublin

Thanks once again to our friend Mr John Briody for sending in photos from St Kevin’s Church in Dublin, Ireland, home to the Latin Mass Chaplaincy for the Dublin Archdiocese; this time, they are of Mass for yesterday’s feast of the Patron of Ireland, St Patrick. The celebrant is a new priest of the FSSP, Fr. James Mawdsley, a native of England who, before entering seminary, worked as a human-rights activist; for his work on behalf of democratic rule and against the oppression of ethnic minorities, he spent well over a year in a Burmese jail, and was subjected to beatings and torture. Regina Magazine interviewed him last year about his remarkable experiences; he is now assigned to the FSSP Apostolate at St Mary’s in Warrington, England. Our congratulation to Fr Mawdsley and the FSSP! (A reminder that Mr Briody has a large number of photos, of liturgies and other stuff, on his two flickr accounts.)

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