Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference - Oct 2-4 in Colorado Springs

I'm delighted to share with readers the announcement of the program for the upcoming annual conference of the Society for Catholic Liturgy.
This year's conference presents a thought-provoking track of papers, as well as a newly-revitalized pastoral track of workshops ranging from practical issues in implementing a sacred music program to training altar servers, as well as things like rubrics for the deacon, baptism, and wedding traditions. Clergy and lay faithful who work in the Church will find the conference immensely useful, both in terms of offerings, as well as networking with people who work diligently for the renewal of the liturgy around the English-speaking world. 
Mindful of the financial sacrifices that so many make in working for the Church, the conference is very affordable - $100 for SCL members, and $125 for non-members. 
I hope you'll be able to join us for what is always an intellectually-engaging and enjoyable conference. 

“The Temple Transformed”:
Society for Catholic Liturgy annual conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado 
October 2–4, 2014  

The Society for Catholic Liturgy is hosting its annual conference at St. Mary Cathedral, Colorado Springs, Colorado this October 2–4. The theme for this year's conference is “The Temple Transformed: Liturgy, Art, Music, Architecture, and the fulfillment of the Old Testament.” The conference will explore the relationships between the robust worship of the Old Covenant and that of the New. Scholarly presentations from a number of related fields will be given. In addition, the Pastoral Track of the conference will offer practical workshops for parish and diocesan personnel. Topics will range from music to art to the ars celebrandi, including introducing chant into a parish and training altar servers.

His Excellency Bishop James D. Conley will deliver the keynote address, “Light Shining out of Darkness” at 7 pm, Thursday, Oct. 2. Other speakers include renowned architect Duncan Stroik speaking on Renaissance churches as the fulfillment of Jewish temple architecture and Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, hailed as Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite liturgist, speaking on Augustine’s conception of sacrifice and the Eucharist.

Founded in 1995, the Society for Catholic Liturgy is a unique professional organization that brings together faithful Catholic scholars, architects, and artists from around the world to recover, discuss, and promote the rich liturgical tradition of the Church.

DATE: Oct. 2, 6:15 pm through the afternoon of Oct. 4.

LOCATION: St Mary Cathedral Colorado Springs www.stmaryscathedral.org/ 
For more information and for conference registration, go to www.liturgysociety.org/conferences/

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