Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sacred Choral Works CDs now available

Back in March, Ben Yanke kindly announced the publication of my volume of Sacred Choral WorksAt that time, it was mentioned that 3 compact discs with recordings of nearly all of the 85 works contained in the book would be available soon. I am glad to announce that these CDs are now in print and ready for distribution.

The recordings were done by Matthew Curtis of ChoralTracks. Matt is an incredibly talented tenor who records all four parts (or more, if there are more) and combines them in his studio. The result is ideal for repertoire selection and pedagogical uses: the recordings permit one easily to go through the Sacred Choral Works to see what pieces might be appropriate to teach to a choir, and, once selected, to convey to singers a sense of the whole, as well as an opportunity to rehearse individual parts.

See the composer page at Corpus Christi Watershed for more information and links (for the CDs, scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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