Monday, April 15, 2013

The Friends of the Wardour Chapel Need Your Support

On a few occasions, NLM has published some images of Masses in the usus antiquior celebrated in the beautiful Wardour Chapel (All Saints Chapel) which is located within New Wardour Castle, the historic home of the Arundell family. Here are some photos to refresh your memories:

Recently "The Friends of Wardour Chapel" has been launched in order to raise some much needed funds for the preservation of this great historical chapel. (Incidentally, for our American readers I am told there is an interesting link between Wardour and the United States: Lord Baltimore, who founded the state of Maryland as a haven for English Catholics in the 1600s, was married to Anne Arundell, daughter of Lord Arundell of Wardour.)

Here is some information:

Friends of Wardour Chapel

Here is a form you can use if you are interested in becoming one of the "Friends of Wardour Chapel."

Friends of Wardour Form

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