Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mensis Eucharisticus: A New Edition

Mensis Eucharisticus is a collection of 31 scripturally based meditations for priests as preparation for celebrating Mass and thanksgiving following, written probably in the 18th century by the Italian Jesuit Father Xavier Lercari.  Several editions have appeared over the years (giving various spellings of Father Lercari's name, as a Google Books search will attest), the most recent edition having just been published by Newman House Press on the eve of the Year of Faith.  From the Introduction by Father Peter Stravinskas, general editor and publisher:
The immediate impetus for this edition is the 2011 new translation of the Roman Missal, the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II and the Year of Faith proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI as part of the drive toward a new evangelization. An even broader context exists in the Year of the Eucharist (2004-2005) and the Year of the Priest (2009-2010). ...
[S]o much of the liturgical experience rises and falls on the priest’s proper disposition.  Based on the regular re-surfacing of this little work for nearly two centuries, it must have something to offer in this regard. Thus, it is to be hoped that during this Year of Faith, priests will commit themselves to highlighting the Holy Eucharist in their catechetical formation of our young and in adult education programs, to preparing homilies and sermons which probe the depths of eucharistic theology, and to honing their personal ars celebrandi, so that those committed to their pastoral care may enter more profoundly into the mysterium tremendum et fascinans.
This English-language edition offers the original Latin. The Nova Vulgata, the official Latin scriptural text for the Sacred Liturgy, is the base text; English citations are based on the Revised Standard Version.  The editor has thoughtfully appended a list of suggested readings on the Priesthood and the Holy Eucharist.
Mensis Eucharisticus (96 pp.) sells for $10 US + $2 shipping; bulk rates are available for five (5) copies or more.

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