Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Bishops, Two EF Masses, Two Assumption Churches

It is not very often yet that we can speak of two Masses offered within the EF by bishops, taking place within independent sets of circumstances and both within only minutes of the other -- not to mention both being very well attended -- but that is precisely what happened this past Sunday at Assumption Grotto (Detroit) and Assumption Church (Windsor). That these occurred within two different cities that border one another, which are in turn in separate countries and dioceses, does nothing to detract from the interest of the point for it might well say something to us of the growing presence of the EF in the life of the Church.

In the first instance we turn to a Solemn Pontifical Mass offered at Assumption Grotto in Detroit as part of the 14th Annual Call to Holiness conference. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus has the whole story, so look there for more details, but here are a few photos of the Mass, offered by Bishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Marquette in Michigan.

In the second instance we turn to Assumption Church in Windsor, Ontario where confirmations were celebrated by Bishop LaRocque for some 43 Confirmandi, with another 500 estimated to be in attendance.

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