Friday, February 18, 2011

Musica Sacra Florida

We were recently contacted by Musica Sacra Florida about a forthcoming workshop there, sponsored by the Florida Chapter of the Church Music Association of America in conjunction with the Department of Music, Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, Florida:

This two-day workshop will present both beginning and advanced musicians with lectures, breakout sessions, and rehearsals that will enrich their knowledge of Gregorian chant and its use in the Roman Catholic liturgy.

Led by a faculty of chant specialists from around the state and beyond, attendees will learn more about the history of Gregorian chant and its role in the liturgy as well as experience the chant in the context of both the Divine Office and the Mass. Beginning chanters will be introduced to the basics of notation and rhythm according to the classic Solesmes method. Experienced chanters will learn new repertoire and advance their understanding of rhythmic and interpretive nuance. Resources and practical methods for the cultivation of Gregorian chant in the life of the parish will also be discussed. A special breakout session will be devoted to helping priests and deacons with their liturgical chants.

The keynote speaker will be William Mahrt of Stanford University. Also participating will be:

The Reverend Brian T. Austin, FSSP – Christ the King Church, Sarasota, FL
Mary Jane Ballou – Director of the Schola Cantorae, St Augustine, FL
Jeffrey Herbert – Director of Music, Church of the Incarnation, Sarasota, FL
Rebecca Ostermann – Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, FL
Jennifer Donelson – Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Susan Treacy – Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, FL
The Reverend Samuel Weber, OSB – Archdiocese of St Louis, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Institute for Sacred Music

Here is the conference brochure with further information:

Musica Sacra Florida Conference

To register: Musica Sacra Florida

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