Monday, February 07, 2011

A Brief Note

I wanted to communicate to our readers that I will be, in addition to my contributions to The New Liturgical Movement I will occasionally be contributing to The Anglo-Catholic, which has been an invaluable font of information for the nascent Ordinariates; while I am a cradle Roman Catholic, I hope to be able to contribute something to the discussion in my own small way. As I have said many times before, there ought to be a natural affinity between the supporters of the Reform of the Reform and the classical Roman liturgy and the Catholic-minded Anglicans who will be coming into full communion with the implementation of the new Ordinariates. Like us, they have often had to hold fast to unpopular and unfashionable opinions for the sake of truth, beauty and goodness, and like the rejuvenation of the liturgy, they too will play a role in Pope Benedict's grand scheme for the continued restoration of the sacred in our troubled age. When my first substantial post comes up (probably this Thursday), I will be sure to let all our NLM readers know.

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