Friday, October 13, 2023

Artistic Treasures from the Diocesan Museum of Parma

Following up on yesterday’s post about the cathedral of Parma, here are Nicola’s photos from the diocesan museum. This gilded copper angel, made in the 15th century, used to stand on top of the belltower, until it was damaged by a lightning bolt in 2009, and removed to the museum for preservation. (The tower now has a copy.) 

The original architect of the cathedral, Benedetto Antelami (1150-1230 ca.), was also a sculptor; this Deposition from the Cross was part of a pulpit which he made for the church, dismantled in 16th century.  
A cast of a Romanesque baptismal font (date uncertain: 9th-12th cent.), decorated with figures of the clergy serving at the blessing of the font during the Easter vigil. Originally located in the parish of St Germinianus in Vicofertile. 
A processional cross of the 15th century.
Stylophore (i.e. column-bearing) lions from the era of the church’s original construction, late 12th or early 13th century.
More statues by Benedetto Antelami, these made for the portals of the baptistery: King David and a prophet, either Nathan or Habakkuk... 
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
Mosaics from roughly the sixth century, discovered in 1955 during excavations of part of the piazza in front of the cathedral. 
Two parts of the church’s original altar...
and several section of the marble barrier that originally separated the sanctuary from the nave.

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