Tuesday, October 10, 2023

A Contemporary Mosaic of St Dominic in Chichester Cathedral

Here are some photos of recent mosaic of St Dominic, completed just a year ago. It was commissioned by the Anglican Bishop of Chichester, Right Reverend Dr Martin Warner, and done by artist James Blackstone over the course of a three-month residency at the cathedral, during which, he worked alongside fellow liturgical artist Martin Earle within a custom-built studio. The project was developed with another celebrated liturgical artist, Aidan Hart.

Aidan, Martin and Jim who are Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Anglican respectively, have recently established a new studio and liturgical art school - The Chichester Workshop for Liturgical Arts - under the patronage of Bishop Warner. 

Saint Richard of Chichester, bishop of that see from 1244-53, was prepared for the priesthood by the Dominican Order in Orléans, and St Dominic’s apostolic spirituality informed his ministry across his diocese. Read more about the commission on the cathedral website here.

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