Friday, July 14, 2023

UGCC SingCon 2023 in Welland, Ontario, Sept. 28 - Oct. 1

SingCon is an annual gathering of cantors, choristers, choir directors, djaki, and anyone interested in the musical tradition of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. After successful gatherings in Parma, Ohio, and Stamford, Connecticut, this year it is being hosted by the parish of St. Michael the Archangel in Welland, Ontario, from September 28 to October 1. The weekend includes workshops on liturgical and musical topics, vocal exercises, mass choir practices, and liturgical services, including Vespers, Matins, and the Divine Liturgy. For registration details and further information, visit the website at, or the Facebook page at (Student rates are available)

The goal of SingCon is to advance the state and quality of church music in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) in the English-speaking world, gathering cantors, choir directors, singers, clergy, and others interested in church singing to meet one another, network, share resources, discuss various issues, and — most importantly — to pray together, glorifying God. SingCon sees the traditional Byzantine liturgy and chant of the UGCC as essential sources of liturgical and spiritual renewal for Christians in the twenty-first century. Following the principles outlined by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, SingCon seeks to successfully integrate congregational and choral singing, raising both to the highest standard.
SingCon gatherings include the following activities:
● Liturgical services (Vespers, Matins, Vigil, Divine Liturgy, Parastas, etc.)
● Music rehearsals
● Workshops on practical and theoretical topics, led by experienced cantors and choir directors
● Lectures by experts in liturgical theology and/or sacred music
● A forum or Town Hall, with discussion and a Q+A session
● Meals and evening social events (with networking opportunities)
While liturgical services include some Ukrainian and Church Slavonic, the main liturgical language at SingCon is English, which is also the language of rehearsals, workshops, forums, and lectures. We aim to always attract church musicians from every age and level of experience, from every region and eparchy. SingCon also welcomes participation of other Eastern Catholics, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox Christians as an opportunity to build bridges and work for the unity of Christ’s Church.

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