Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Catholic Sacred Music Project’s Choral Festival, Paris, France, July 2-8

The 3rd Choral Festival of the Catholic Sacred Music Project will be held in Paris, France, from July 2-8, in collaboration with Lux Amoris, an organization for the promotion of sacred music based in Paris, and will provide formation for Church musicians in choral singing, choral conducting, and organ improvisation. The event will culminate with a performance of the Messe Solennelle Op. 16 by Louis Vierne at a Pontifical Mass at the church of Saint Roch in Paris. Singers, conductors, and organists from all over the world who are devoted to the Church’s sacred music are welcome to come and cultivate their musical skills, and renew their passion for serving the Church through music. The international faculty includes renowned conductors, organists, and teachers from Notre Dame de Paris, Saint-Étienne-du-Mont, Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Troirs, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C., and Hillsdale College. Applications are accepted until March 29.

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