Tuesday, March 07, 2023

A Roman Pilgrim at the Station Churches 2023 (Part 2)

We continue with our annual series of photos of the Lenten station Masses in Rome, thanks to our friend Jacob Stein. The pictures of the last church in this post, the station at St Peter’s on Ember Saturday, are particularly good, and show the exposition of the relic of the lance of St Longinus. Don’t forget to visit his YouTube channel Crux Stationalis, and enjoy his visits to the Eternal City’s many other important religious sites. Gratias tibi, optime!
Tuesday of the First Week of Lent – St Anastasia
Ember Wednesday of the First Week of Lent – St Mary Major
There are two Lenten stations at this church, today and Holy Wednesday, and on both of them, a special display of major relics is set up on the high altar. 
Thursday of the First Week of Lent – St Lawrence in Panisperna
This basilica is built on the site reputed to be where St Lawrence was martyred, which is now within the crypt.
Ember Friday of the First Week of Lent – Twelve Apostles
This church has been the Roman house of the Conventual Franciscans since 1463; here we see the procession before the Mass passing through their cloister.
Paintings of Ss Francis and Anthony in one of the side-chapels.
Ember Saturday of the First Week of Lent – St Peter’s Basilica
Exposition of the Holy Lance

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