Thursday, December 08, 2022

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As I am sure our readers already know, our colleague Matthew Hazell has been doing yeoman’s work documenting the post-Conciliar alteration of the liturgical texts of the Roman Rite, meticulously demonstrating what exactly was kept, what was suppressed, what was changed, edited, censored, invented, moved, etc. He regularly posts threads on his Twitter covering specific topics, in addition to articles here and on Rorate Caeli. (See this one, for example, about the mutilation of the prayers of St Nicholas.) For those who prefer Facebook, he now has a new page titled “Ordinary vs. Extraordinary: Comparing the Modern and Ancient Roman Rite.” His research is edifying not only as a demonstration via negativa of how routinely and how thoroughly the work of the Consilium betrayed the wishes of the Concilium, but also, via positiva, how ancient and universal so many of the traditional prayers of the Roman Rite really are. Feliciter tibi, optime Matthaee!

Graphic by Matthew Hazell, from the first post linked above, demonstrating the real percentage of the prayers of the Roman Missal that survived the Consilium unchanged.

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