Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Patronal Feasts of the Schola Sainte-Cécile

Our good friends of the Schola Sainte-Cécile recently celebrated the feast of St Eugenius, the principal patron of their home church in Paris, as an external solemnity on the Sunday after his feast day (Nov. 15), followed immediately on Monday by the feast of the church’s other patron, St Cecilia, for whom the Schola itself is also named. The church was built in 1854, in the reign of the last French Emperor, Napoleon III, and named for St Eugenius, a 7th-century bishop of Toledo, Spain, partly to honor the emperor’s Spanish-born wife, Eugénie. In 1952, St Cecilia, the patron of musicians, was added as a second patron of the church because of its proximity to the Paris Conservatory.

All of the ceremonies in the church are broadcast live on their YouTube channel,  and then permanently reposted. Below, I have also included links to their website, which gives the complete musical program (in French) for each ceremony. (Those pages include links to pdfs with the musical scores as well.) The Mass of St Eugenius begins with a rousing Christus vincit, as a relic of the Saint is carried though the church in procession – Feliciter! Feliciter!

Mass on the feast of St Eugène (program)
Vespers (program)
Mass on the feast of St Cecilia (program)

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