Sunday, November 07, 2021

All Saints and All Souls 2021 Photopost (Part 1)

As generally happens with our All Saints and All Souls photopost, we received many more photographs of the latter than the former, and once again, it’s very good to so many black vestments! There will be at least one more post in this series, so as always, we will be glad of any late entries, including celebrations of other feasts recently celebrated, such as Christ the King. Send them to, and be sure to include the name and location of the church, and any other information you think important. Thanks to everyone who sent these in - evangelize through beauty!
Old Maleizen Monastery – Maleizen, Belgium (Servants of Jesus and Mary)
Tradition will always be for the young!
St Mary – Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (FSSP)
Photos courtesy of Allison Girone
St Mary of Redford – Detroit, Michigan
Mass in the OF
Catafalque at the ready
Private Masses
Solemn Mass in the EF
Sacred Heart Catholic Church – Medford, Oregon
Procession in honor of Christ the King on Halloween evening
A very vivid Memento mori in the Private chapel of Mr John Ryan Debil, whose work we recently featured.
Most Holy Redeemer – New York City
EF Mass of All Saints - Photos by Arrys Ortañez
St Brigid – New York City
OF Mass of All Souls - Photos by Arrys Ortañez

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