Thursday, June 03, 2021

New Facebook Group for Preservation of Summorum Pontificum

Shawn Tribe, the founder of this website as well as of the Liturgical Arts Journalhas created a Facebook group called “Preservation of Summorum Pontificum & Access to the Ancient Latin Rites.” He describes it as follows:

The purpose of this group is to factually and non-polemically document what is taking place in regard to the possible or actual diminution / restriction of the liturgical freedoms noted in Summorum Pontificum for the ancient Latin liturgical rites. It also exists as a forum to coordinate efforts to maintain and preserve the free and unfettered access to these more ancient forms, whether the Roman usus antiquior or the liturgical rites of the various religious orders and primatial sees.
          The purpose of this group is not to attack individuals, be they popes, prelates, priests, laymen or otherwise. Be firm and strong in your convictions but be courteous.

Please consider joining the group if you are on Facebook.

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