Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Recent Ordinariate Mass in North Carolina

On Sunday, July 5th, St Barnabas Catholic Church in Arden, North Carolina, hosted the first Mass to be celebrated in that area according to the Ordinariate Rite in Divine Worship: The Missal. Because of the ongoing COVID restrictions, the Mass was held outdoors, but the organizers did good job in setting up a very nice temporary altar. A group of the local faithful hopes this will be the first step to the establishment of a permanent Ordinariate parish, and so priests of the Ordinariate will be traveling to the area to offer the Mass in this form over the course of the summer. To learn more or sign up for local updates, call or text Joshua Johnson at 828-748-6251 or email him at; our thanks to Mr Johnson for sharing these pictures of the Mass with us.
Getting ready - tradition will always be for the young!

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