Friday, April 17, 2020

Modern Photos of the Pleterje Charterhouse in Slovenia

After seeing the historical images which we posted on Wednesday of the Pleterje Charterhouse in Slovenia, a reader very kindly shared with us some photos of his own from a more recent visit. As one would expect of the Carthusians, if you compare the photos of the church from 1938 and those from last year, you can see that very little has changed, which is always reassuring. Our reader also informs us that the monks make and sell a superb pear brandy.

These are the modern buildings which the monks constructed after recovering the property in 1899 and reestablishing it as a Charterhouse. Below, there are photos of a church which was built as part of the original foundation at the beginning of the 15th century; it is also part of the property, and still used by the monks.
The choir of the main church.
The entrance to the chapter room.
The library
The 15th-century church

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