Saturday, April 11, 2020

Another Update from Shrewsbury Cathedral

The de-wreckovation of the cathedral of Our Lady, Help of Christians and St Peter Alcantara in Shrewsbury, England, procedes apace. Here is the main sanctuary as it looks as of today; note the statue of the Virgin and St Joseph, which have been restored to their original places just outside it, where they were until the reordering of the church in 1984/5.

Fr Edmund Montgomery, the cathedral administrator, writes in to say, “The Historic Churches Committee granted permission for us to temporarily restore the statues of our Lady and St Joseph, together with their canopies, to where they once stood before the reordering of 1984/5. The translation of Our Lady’s canopy revealed the original Baptistery floor and the aumbry for the holy oils.”

The former baptistery before the recent renovations, with the canopy for the statue of the Virgin against the wall, covering the aumbry.

Part of the original floor uncovered.
The newly revealed aumbry.
The main sanctuary, with the newly replaced statues veiled for Passiontide.
His Excellency Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, on Holy Thursday
An historical photograph of the church with its congregation.

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