Thursday, October 10, 2019

An English Version of the Mass Os Justi for Confessors

Here is a resource which may prove to be useful, an English version of the Gregorian Mass Os justi for a simple Confessor. A friend of mine prepared this for the Mass of St John Henry Newman, but there are plenty of other Masses at which it can be sung, in whole or in part, and plenty of free days coming up on which a votive Masses of Card. Newman can be celebrated.

The creator of the project writes: “I undertook the project to create a Gradual for the Ordinariate(s) after the pattern of Burgess & Palmer, but with better text setting and following the texts and ordo of the Ordinariate Missal. Some of these changes are Vatican II-specific updates to propers for certain feasts. The melodies all come from the Graduale Romanum 1974, except when that doesn’t contain them, such as on some especially patrimonial days, or when alternatives are given from a Sarum source, or when an antiphon from the newer Missale Romanum was adapted into a graduale-type proper and so no melody existed. My first priority was to work through the Sundays of the year and the most important Solemnities, which are just about finished. Sometimes, however, I undertook to do some more specific chants, as in the case with the propers for soon-to-be-Saint John Henry Newman. I’m hoping the chants will soon move into a trial use phase with a few Ordinariate communities.”

Attempts to load this in pdf format directly into this post were not successful; if anyone wants this as a pdf, feel free to send me an message at, and I will be glad to email it to you. It can also be acccessed through Google Drive.

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